A Brother’s Guide: The New Barn At Still Hill

Thanks to A Brother’s Guide to Connecticut Breweries for the fabulous review.  We thank you!!

Scott Barbanel, the HIMG_1959ead Brewer and Founder of Still Hill Brewery has always been interested in making beer. After receiving a home brewing kit for Father’s Day seven years ago, Barbanel has infused his entrepreneurial drive with a passion for making great beer to create a brewery that manages to set itself apart, while staying completely familiar at the same time.

 Just walk into the Still Hill Tap Room and try not to feel at home. From the outside, you might have an idea of what you’re about to walk into. But once you’re sitting down with a flight of delectable brews in front of you, it feels like you’ve been transported somewhere else. The cavernous space has been designed to look like the inside of a barn, and it succeeds. We decided to dismount, and drink till the cows came home.

Still Hill has three selections that are “year round” offerings; Still Hill IPARed Storm Ryesing, and Still Hill APA. If you decide to visit (and after this review, I’m sure you will!) then you might encounter a few seasonal offerings, more on those in a minute.

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